MØDE Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: A Celebration of Community, Collaboration, and Connection

Nestled among the rolling hills that form the picturesque landscape of Liberty Lake, Washington, the serene and inviting MØDE campus on Molter Road is the impressive culmination of years of dreaming and planning by visionary entrepreneur Luke Kjar. 

On Thursday, May 9th, at an official ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted in partnership with the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, the businessman and father of five ushered in a new era for community spaces, heralding MØDE’s commitment to promoting the Liberty Lake business community. Following the campus’s Grand Opening on April 18th, the ribbon-cutting event marked another milestone for the entire MØDE crew, a devoted team of operations specialists and members who have labored alongside Luke in pursuit of a shared goal: creating a place where work, health, and life seamlessly intertwine to bring not only success but happiness within reach — a “modern village” with a concept inspired by Danish living. 

As attendees gathered to enjoy hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and mingling with guests, Cris Kaminskas, Mayor of Liberty Lake, and Lance Beck, President and CEO of the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, expressed their confidence that MØDE’s complete renovation of this former manufacturing facility into a state-of-the-art co-working and lifestyle complex will do much to energize the local business community, offering a unique location where work, education, leisure, healthcare, fitness, and purposeful connections converge. 

The event kicked off with acknowledgements of all the time, effort, and funds that Luke has invested in creating this unique campus, and Luke gave a short account of the ideas that inspired his vision. The ceremonial ribbon cutting followed, and was celebrated by one of the largest crowds ever assembled for such an event. 

Guests were invited to embark on guided tours of MØDE, providing an immersive glimpse into the varied offerings that await within its walls. From Terra Yoga to Grit & Grind Coffee, each stop on the tour offered a glimpse into the positive, life-enhancing experience that MØDE seeks to provide.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the event was the emphasis on all-ages inclusivity, with families receiving a warm welcome – including one of Luke’s children! They added a joyous energy to the proceedings and underscore MØDE’s commitment to creating a space where families and individuals of all ages are welcome.
With its innovative design, diverse offerings, and commitment to fostering authentic connections, MØDE is poised to redefine the landscape of life and productivity for the modern worker. For those who attended, the MØDE Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was not just a celebration of a physical space, but a celebration of community, collaboration, and connection; it was a taste of a healthier way of moving through the world. As MØDE sets a new standard for community spaces, it invites us all to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. For learn more, contact MØDE today.