In the heart of Liberty Lake, Washington, something remarkable is taking shape: Mode. Mode is an innovative new facility poised to redefine how we think about work, community, and life. Mode isn’t just another co-working space; it’s a visionary concept designed to foster connection, collaboration, and a sense of fulfillment. The core values of Mode reflect this vision: Connection, Collaboration, Innovation, Hygge, and Freedom. This essay explores how Mode is transforming the landscape of co-working spaces and lifestyle support to empower individuals and families to lead lives filled with meaningful activities, social interaction, and professional growth.

Connection: Building Our Future Together

At Mode, “Connection” is more than a buzzword. It’s a fundamental belief not just in the power of community but in the necessity of community. By investing in our community, we invest in our future selves. In today’s world of digital interfaces, meaningful personal connections often get lost amidst the chaos and rush of daily life. While we still have to get things done, Mode helps you do things differently. Mode brings people together who might otherwise be adrift on their own, bridging the gap between isolation and community. It’s a place where individuals and families can connect with individuals seeking a similar balance, making every day at Mode an opportunity to forge new relationships, share ideas, and grow together.

Collaboration: Greater Together

“Collaboration” is at the core of what makes Mode unique. The sum of what we can create together is higher than what we can achieve alone. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a remote worker, or a small business owner, Mode encourages collaboration. It’s a space where people with diverse talents and skills can meet to collaborate, innovate, and achieve more than they ever thought possible. When different minds come together, they inspire new ideas and new perspectives. At Mode, the boundaries between divergent professional pursuits blur, allowing for the cross-pollination of ideas and collective growth.

Innovation: Challenging the Status Quo

Innovation is not just about technology; it’s about embracing change and challenging the status quo. It’s thinking outside the box to find new remedies for old problems. Mode encourages its members to question conventional wisdom and seek innovative solutions. Challenging the status quo is compatible with a good and rewarding life. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at Mode, where members are encouraged to reimagine their world, develop disruptive ideas, and bring their visions to life. It’s a place where innovation is nurtured, celebrated, and woven into the fabric of daily life.

Hygge: Fulfillment in Work and Life

Hygge is a Danish word that has no direct English-language equivalent. It evokes comfort, warmth, and contentment. The concept of hygge plays a significant role at Mode. Finding fulfillment in how we work and live is a gift to ourselves. Mode offers a comfortable and inviting environment where members can experience work-life balance like never before, finding solace in the belief that all the moving parts of our lives are kept in perspective, with friends and family at the center. Mode offers lifestyle support services such as a school, dining options, a fitness facility, onsite healthcare services, wellness services, a dance studio, a barber, and a martial arts studio, all under one roof. Members are welcome to utilize these services. They are at your doorstep whenever you need them — no need to schedule your days down to the minute to arrange extra trips. Mode is where you can embrace a holistic and harmonious life, where work and personal life seamlessly blend.

Freedom: Learning and Growing Together

“Freedom” at Mode means more than just independence; it’s about immersing yourself in an atmosphere where there is a free exchange of ideas and actions. Members can decide how much they want to interact with others, allowing them to explore new personal and professional horizons at their comfort level. From flexible workspaces to diverse amenities, Mode empowers you to craft your day according to your interests and priorities and on your schedule. It’s where you can nurture your mind, body, and soul while pursuing your professional ambitions.

Mode embodies a lifestyle that brings its members fulfillment and a sense of purpose. It harmonizes the benefits of Connection, Collaboration, Innovation, Hygge, and Freedom. Mode is on a mission to help individuals and families access essential and desirable services in one place, giving them the gift of time and freedom that allows them to lead a life filled with meaningful activities and social and professional interaction.

We invite you to explore Mode, visit our facility, and become a member. Whether you’re a remote worker, an entrepreneur, a family looking for a supportive environment, or someone seeking a sense of community, Mode is where you’ll discover the next generation of co-working spaces. It’s where the future of work, community, and life begins. Join us in our journey to reinvent community and connection at Mode.