Welcome to LaunchMØDE

LaunchMØDE offers a vibrant community where young professionals can learn, innovate, and thrive alongside like-minded individuals. Our space is packed with resources designed to fuel your growth and success.

LaunchMØDE memberships feature monthly access, dedicated workspaces, and numerous amenities all housed within the building, creating an environment conducive to seamless and productive work experiences.

Welcome to LaunchMØDE

For Students

Tired of studying at home or in noisy coffee shops? At LaunchMØDE, students can enjoy a quiet, productive environment with a supportive community, making online learning more engaging and effective.

For Innovators

Got a big idea? LaunchMØDE is your incubator. Start your business with access to mentors, patent lawyers, investors, and marketing services, all under one roof. Let’s turn your vision into reality.

For Remote Workers

Escape the distractions of home and the chaos of coffee shops. At LaunchMØDE, remote workers find a productive workspace where real community happens, making work more enjoyable and efficient.

Luke Kjar, Founder LaunchMØDE

“LaunchMØDE helps young entrepreneurs get the coaching and resources they need to avoid becoming a failed startup statistic. Our incredible community has the knowledge and experience required to successfully launch a business, and LaunchMØDE will be the catalyst for bringing these people together.”

LaunchMØDE x LaunchpadINW

LaunchMØDE is proud to announce its collaboration with LaunchpadINW, creating an unparalleled opportunity for young entrepreneurs and startups to connect and innovate in Liberty Lake, Washington. Bill Kalivas and Luke Kjar believe that LaunchPad and LaunchMØDE are a perfect match, not just because of their names, but due to their shared vision and mission. Both organizations are committed to creating environments that encourage innovation, collaboration, and community growth while enriching the tech landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

Get ready to join a thriving community of entrepreneurs and creators, right here in Liberty Lake.