The BioPerformance Institute is the beginning of a solution to tackle the complex issues of our healthcare system through the pursuit of fully understanding human performance—a prerequisite to accurately removing barriers to a person’s life! Our company services fall within the categories of Medical, Lifestyle and Performance, but our vision is larger than our own services. We desire to collaborate based on the guiding tenant that we coordinate care with whomever, and whatever, is in the best interests of our customers. We currently have eight locations across north Idaho and Eastern Washington. Physical Therapy is our roots, but we are rapidly expanding in to the integration of holistic services that enhance outcomes and change lives. BPi at MODE will initially be offering Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy—with much more to come!

Meet the Clinic Director, Connor Williams

Connor, born and raised in Coeur d’Alene, ID, now lives in Liberty Lake, WA, with his family. He pursued a Health Science degree at Whitworth University as a student athlete playing football, and later earned his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Pacific University. As the clinical director and co-owner of BPi Liberty Lake, Connor values delivering unique and individualized treatment plans for each patient.

BPi’s vision to optimize human performance through Medical, Lifestyle, and Performance services aligns perfectly with his approach. He specializes in orthopedics, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise program development, post-op rehabilitation, ACL injury prevention for young athletes, and neurological conditions. Connor prides himself on meeting the diverse needs of his patients. Outside of work, he and his wife Rachel enjoy outdoor activities and raising their two children, Conrad “Rad” and Camryn “Ryn”.

BPi’s collaboration with Luke Kjar and the team at MODE was marked by an immediate recognition of a shared larger purpose, strong leadership, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact on humanity. This alignment complements BPi’s systematic approach to addressing the root causes of dysfunction.
The transition to MODE advances BPi’s mission to empower people to live their best lives, offering an opportunity to work with innovators at the forefront of impactful change.

A Simple Solution for Complex Lives

It’s no secret, community is the heart of a richer, more fulfilling life experience. So why are we so disconnected? We hardly have time for ourselves, let alone our family or friends. MØDE seeks to change that, by creating a single destination that invites more living and connecting under one roof. Adopting a proven model from the happiest people in the world, MØDE offers a better way to create, learn, work and grow together. Inspired by the harmony found in Scandinavian culture and the founder’s heritage, MØDE is the Danish word for “meet.” Here, authentic, hands-on community learning and creativity breathe new life into the human potential. It all starts with bringing the right minds and resources together in one place.
May lykke (good fortune) find you here.

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Let’s Connect

Please do not hesitate to contact us at MØDE Campus for any inquiries or to explore potential collaboration opportunities. We are committed to addressing your workspace needs and fostering a professional and dynamic community.